DAWINSIE Arc Lighter, Electric Lighter USB Rechargeable Windproof, LED Battery Indicator and Safety Switch, Flexible Neck, Suitable for Kitchen, Candles, Gas Stoves, Grill


  • Good lighter and safety: our candle lighter is an arc lighter, is made of aluminium main body, good sign for the durability of the built-in Li-battery. Arc lighter has a 10 cm long 360 degree flexible neck, which can bend to different angles, with long neck, it is very light any narrow, guarantees your hands a safe distance from the fire.
  • LED battery indicator and USB rechargeable: this updated lighter can accurately display the battery. A full charge can be done within 1-2 hours, with 4 LED indicators light. Arc lighter can make all standard USB ports compatible, no more gas/butane fuel required, very fast and very safe to use.
  • Windproof design: no sparks, no smell, wind and splash protection can effectively protect the electrical pulse from extinguishing in strong weather; requires no gas and no liquids, this rechargeable lighter offers you a safe and energy-saving way. (Please avoid direct contact with water, as this can damage the electric arc.)
  • Easy to use and carry: stick lighter very fast and very safe to use. First you need to move a safety switch and then press a button. Then a small flash appears at the top, which produces the fire on the wick. At the end of the lighter there is a round hook, which is easy to carry and use.
  • 🔥 Versatile use: very good alternative to the conventional lighter, it works perfectly and without problems. The lighter is suitable for lit deep candles, paper, barbecue lighter, oven lighter, solid and liquid charcoal lighter, also for any garden party to light the candles, camping, travelling, grilling. Note: Touch the arc with your hands.