VIGRUE 245 pieces M4 M5 M6 M8 screw-in sockets zinc alloy ramp sleeve assortment for wooden furniture threaded inserts

  • Easy to find: screw-in sockets M4 M5 M6 M8 and 4 Allen keys are arranged in a box with compartments overlooked, so that you can easily find yourself in the series and avoid loss in case of need
  • High-quality materials: made of high-quality zinc alloy, high hardness and perfect wear resistance, standard inner rear box, without digging, smooth, non-slip.
  • 3.【Various sizes】 4 different models: M4, M5, M6, M8. 9 sizes: M4 x 10 mm, M5 x 10 mm, M6 x 10 mm, M6 x 15 mm, M6 x 17 mm, M6 x 20 mm, M8 x 15 mm, M8 x 20 mm, M8 x 25 mm. to meet your different needs. 245 pieces in total with 4 corresponding Allen key collection that screw in or unscrew threaded screws in or out of Allen screw/threaded screws
  • 4. Easy to use: drill a suitable hole, screw it in with an Allen key; unique self-tapping designed external thread, contributes to tapping, with good tensile resistance, can effectively prevent, removed due to torsion or vibration.
  • 5. Various areas used: external thread makes pulling out due to vibrations not easy wide application: suitable for soft woods such as pine, plywood, fibreboard etc., have a good effect in the furniture combination. If you need a single size or other quantity, please contact us